Terms of Use

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  • 1) Commerical use is forbidden without permission. Users who wish to use 歪んだ声 in monitized works (original songs, merchandise, covers, etc) must obtain permission from ammamanagucci.
  • 2) Redistribution of modified OTO.ini is permitted.
  • 2a) Redistribution of .wav files are not permitted, you must redirect to this site.
  • 2b) Modification of .wav and OTO.ini files for personal/private use is permitted.
  • 3c) Redistribution of .wav files to sites like Baidu is permitted for Chinese users.
  • 3) R-18/NSFW work in songs is permitted, users should keep in mind that 歪んだ声 is 14 years old.
  • 3a) NSFW artwork of 歪んだ声 is not permitted.
  • 4) Spreading defamatory statements, propaganda (religious and/or otherwise), hate speech, etc is forbidden.
  • 4a) Following this, if any defamatory statements/propaganda pieces use 歪んだ声, ammamanagucci is not responsible or liable for those statements and does not stand by it. This includes slurs and other derrogatory statements.
  • 5) Fan derrivatives are permitted as long as you credit ammamanagucci.
  • 5a) Redistribution of modified .wav files to create derrivatives is forbidden.
  • 6) Claiming 歪んだ声 as your property is forbidden.
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