歪んだ声 (Yuganda Koe in romaji, 声音失真 (Shēngyīn shīzhēn) in Chinese) is a 14 year old who just simply wants to belt out lyrics. She loves to dance and sing to karaoke when she's alone. She doesn't like her own voice very much, and does her best to improve it. Despite her humanoid appearance, Koe is actually part butterfly. She has butterfly wings hidden by her hair, they are a translucent mixture of blue, pink, and purple. Her hair is sentient and she uses it like a purse, storing items into it for later use, and the back is detachable. She is generally introverted, but kind, very motivated by music. She likes to try new things and doesn't pass up any opportunities. Koe suffers from Avoidant/Restrictive Food Intake Disorder, meaning she is very limited in what she can eat. Koe is not musically inclined at all, but aspires to be a singer. She is a perfectionist. She is dating Rakeru Orutisu.

Her name roughly translates to "Distorted Voice" due to her very first voicebank being not properly made (FRQ files were a mess, no OTO.ini). You can find her first demo here. Since then, her voicebank has improved tremendously.


  • Her name was originally Amandaloid.
  • Her character item is a plastic pink recorder.
  • She doesn't have a canon butterfly species, but she's more than likely a Morpho menelaus.
  • Her makeup is inspired by Studio Killers and is the colors of the bisexual pride flag.
  • Her design was revamped in 2017 because the creator thought Synthesizer V would allow custom vocals. (歪んだ声 for SynthV when??)
  • She likes music from the 70s to the 00s.
  • She likes dancing, reading, singing, yelling, ABBA, Studio Killers, makeup, Flamin' Hot Cheetos, and her girlfriend.
  • She dislikes brushing her hair, crying in public, things not being perfect, and her own voice.
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