Destroyer of men!

ラクル・オルティス (Rakeru Orutisu) is a 12 year old girl who is 歪んだ声 (Yuganda Koe)'s girlfriend and singing partner. She is awkward, but generally kind. Sometimes she comes off as rude unintentionally. Rakeru has Autism Spectrum Disorder, which makes it harder for her to navigate the world in a neurotypical way. She has a burning hatred for men, quickly becoming violent when they are in the general vicinity. For this reason, Yuganda Koe's counter part Yuganda Joe has never met her. She can be bribed with sweets very easily. Rakeru is incredibly possessive of Koe, almost to the point of obsession. Sometimes she will kill whoever gets in between her and her girlfriend, and will sometimes store body parts in Koe's hair (without her knowledge). She is black and Japanese.